Vieira & Faria

Founded in 1996, Vieira & Faria, Lda. Develops its activity in the textile clothing sector.
Working vertically, Veira & Faria's main activity is the manufacture of articles of clothing and mainly produces by order for the domestic and foreign market.


Mission and Values
VIEIRA & FARIA focuses its activity on the production of value-added fabric collections for clothing, providing the ready-made garment service. Designed for the timely satisfaction of customer needs, its main distinctive features are innovation, quality and reliability. Committed to the challenges of modernity, VIEIRA & FARIA is positioned to deepen ties with market leaders and international brands.


At VIEIRA & FARIA we are not only committed to the quality and supremacy of our products. We are also proud to build relationships of excellence. It is precisely for our clients that we work with the dedication and professionalism that competes for us, since we always seek to create a relationship of trust and well-being. , we have evolved and shared success.


VIEIRA & FARIA has a vertical structure, managing the whole production cycle. All the process is oriented and developed by specialized professionals, supported by the most appropriate equipment that guarantee the speed and the rigor in the execution.Factor determining in the capacity of answer is the personalized accompaniment and strict control of the whole production process, which guarantees total reliability.